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Learn to Listen

How mindful are you about the sounds that you take in? Our ears have no way of shutting, like the eyes, so if we become overloaded by various noises we begin to just tune them out in order to save our sanity. In so doing, tuning out can become our go to and we never truly learn to listen. Through this overwhelming noise intake and tuning out- we then begin to tune out our own inner voice, the voice of the highest Self. I'm not talking about the voice of the to do list, the judge and the control freak- I'm guessing you may know that voice all to well- as it is attached to the chaos. This can lead to becoming bogged down, overstimulated and overwhelmed. Tuned out becomes the natural state/response. Perhaps you are tired of this and seeking something more, more meaning, more love, more spirit. I invite you to begin to notice this and if it applies to you. How can you find balance here? What if I told you improvement can come through listening? Begin by carving out moments for silence, for stillness, for soothing music or for a guided meditation. Through this practice you can begin to mindfully tune in, to learn to listen. It takes time to quiet the overburdened mind, however with practice and patience you will tap into finding your inner voice and more balance overall. Through learning to listen to yourself, then you can begin to learn how to listen to others. Ever notice how often you are just attempting to respond during a conversation without really processing what the other person is saying? Create a quiet, peaceful place within you.

For your listening pleasure I am sharing a podcast link to a guided meditation by Ram Dass. Its about 20 minutes in that Ram Dass begins speaking. I hope your ears enjoy.

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