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Journey of Self Love

This pandemic has truly given me an opportunity to do some deep work. I have no children, no pets, no partner- and have had a lot of time by myself. I have faced this challenging and traumatic experience the best way I know how- by moving from my center, living in the moment, and practicing self care. When anxiety attempts to take me over I hold myself with kindness and compassion until I can find my balance again. I breathe deeply and move my body intentionally. I hold the virtue of love within my heart always. I get out into nature as much as possible to remind myself that I am not alone. I often connect with spiritual messages from animals. Tonight I was blessed by meeting this rabbit . Rabbit symbolism- listen to your intuition when deciphering the correct path. Rabbits represent hope, prosperity, comfort, love, intuition, cleverness, harmony, new opportunities, sensitivity and imagination. In these unstable times I bask in the beautiful mystery of this incarnation and practice gratitude. I let go of fear, find freedom through surrendering to the unknown and by learning how to trust in Divine timing. This is what living Yoga is all about. What a wild ride- for a lot of my life I was taught how to do more/ be more. However, recently I have been taught how to do less/ be to go within and tune into wisdom. In moving through this world with an open heart, accepting things as they are and releasing any illusion of control- I have gained strength beyond measure. It is only through slowing down, finding presence and practicing self care that I can be of any service to the world around me.

I share these things to shine a light on a dark and often confusing path towards the highest Self. If you are interested in learning more about yoga as a tool to combat stress, anxiety and pain please visit the online classes tab.


My teaching style is lighthearted and playful so as to demystify the practice and make it accessible to individuals of all abilities. Message me directly with any questions.

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