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Heron Sighting

Wow, what a messenger. Saw this magnificent creature on a sunset stroll. The closest I have ever been to this bird. A fellow human observing in awe best guessed a Tricolored Heron. Of course I looked its spiritual meaning up. According to a quick search a heron refers to stillness and tranquility, both attributes which are needed in order to recognize opportunities when they arise. They also represent determination- never giving up no matter how many marshes and ponds must be waded through along our life's journey. The bird is majestic and regal. The peace and contentment it exudes reminds us to seek our own sacred serenity.

Amazing. Yup, freaking magical. Thank you Universe.


Put yourself in places surrounded by beauty. Especially if you do a lot of screen time. This beauty session was my gift after spending the majority of 9am-5pm in a virtual Yoga Therapy Training day. I feel for you work from homers. Do you make sure to get time away from screens and into nature? This type of practice will assist you in finding balance within. Try it, see what you see.


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