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I was lucky enough to find these artists at Evolvefest in August 2014. These words are even more essential to be heard today! Be the change you want to see in the world 🌎 ✨ ☮ Link to song below.

"This song is called Be The Change,

Inspired by the words up Mahatma Gandhi

Who livde for peace and non-violence

And told us to be the change we wish to see in the world

Freedoms calling I feel the fire that deep inside us

Everybody wants change, but tell me who will guide us

To all the leaders who passed away put up ya lighters

It's a beautiful struggle but it can not divide us

We're the ones that we've always been waiting for

See yourself in the mirror and open up the door

Walk thru it, and feel the love throughout ya pores

Be the light, life's purpose is to feel joy

Metaphysical, lyrical, standing up for truth

The only one to make change is walking in ya shoes

Be the example, don't complain about the news

Making music and serving the world with the LU

Now can be the same, or you can be the change

Find strength from inside, break through the chains

No one to blame, nothing to prove

You create your reality, it's up to you!

Be the change, that you wanna see in the world

Like Gandhi, live for peace

Aspire to be

Someone who fights for their beliefs like,

Martin Luther King"

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