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Dance of Bliss

I haven't posted a classic Asana (pose) in awhile, as my personal Yoga practice is less about the postures and more about how I live my life. However this pose is one of my favorites and I taught it this morning in my class.

Pose: Natarajasana- Dancer's Pose.

The dance represented in this pose is the dance of bliss. "It's a dance that represents movement, flow, rhythm, creation, manifestation and transformation of life."- Emma Newlyn

I fucking love this pose! It makes me feel strong, steady, loving, beautiful and spacious all at once. The embodiment of the dance of life is not easy- you see it is a ride of highs, lows, wins, losses and ultimately ends in death. We cannot escape death and so the challenge is to not live in fear but to enjoy the ride, have fun while we are here, do our best, learn from mistakes, giggle at the humor found in our human folly, get back up after we fall and continue the dance gracefully. No matter what- keep moving forward, dancing through life and having fun with it... the biggest challenge on a spiritual path is then- the surrender- the letting go of the illusion of control and truly embracing the dance of bliss.


To move and breathe with me check out my schedule on online classes tab.


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