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Choose You

The day I chose myself first in all things was the day my life changed. I am nowhere near perfect, as perfection doesn't really exist.  I still have moments of not being the most awesome version of myself and get stuck in old ways of thinking.  However, I possess more inner peace than I ever have before in my life.  Since a few months pre-pandemic I have been living alone. I was forced to take a long hard look within during all the solo time. I learned how to love all parts of myself as they showed up because there was nowhere to hide, no one  to blame and no one to try to fix, help, heal and grow but myself. This shifted my perspective in ways that expanded my internal view. I saw years of patterns and broke open realized knowledge which led to wisdom of the Self. I learned how important self love is.  Without radical self acceptance and the ability to see all that you are without judgment, transformation towards the most awesome version of you cannot happen.  Most of the shit we go through is an invitation to test our resolve and to remember our true nature as beings of love, connected to all of creation. 

Everything you do- do it with love, this includes loving yourself for all you are, even the dark shadowy parts. Trust that the Universe has your back and wants you to shine. The only way to the light is through the dark.  No time like the present to invest in you.


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