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What is Life's Purpose?

Happy Friday 🎶🦋🎶 People always wonder what is the purpose of life? I believe whole heartedly that it is to identify and liberate your Soul Self, your Spirit, your Divine Spark. Once you find the light within you do your best to stay as close to it as possible and shine in your own special way. It is a process that takes a lifetime for a lot of us and goes through phases, times of feeling connected and times of feeling lost. It's quite a messy process. Never stop seeking! Be kind and loving to yourself on days when you get lost in your human emotions. Over time learn to let them pass through you like waves. Hold nothing. Sit as the captain on your ship flying through space with a few billion other ships. Remember that the Divine Source of all creation is within you and all around you. The Divine is in all humans. We are here to heal, learn, evolve, and grow together. A lot of us just forget and drive our ships far off into the shadows or judge ourselves/eachother simply because of our differences. The differences are what make us each unique and beautiful. I am here to remind you of the fact that you are Spirit. I am here to shine my light to help you remember that there is an over flowing stream of love at the center of you that is Divine love- allow it to fuel you. It's what you see when you look into the eyes of very young children. It's what you feel when in nature, when breathing and moving your body mindfully. This feeling is not logical, it's intuitive. It doesn't "make sense " to the analytical mind, however it resonates as Truth at the center of your being. A huge step in this Quest is learning to love yourself first and foremost. Really, truly learn to love everything about yourself and see yourself without judgment. Then watch magical things happen as you begin to gain clarity on your journey ✨

Click link for a short video

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