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The Not Always So Bright Holiday

✨️Today and tomorrow are emotionally hard days for me for many reasons.

💜If they are for you too, I see you and you aren’t alone.

✨️Make sure to take care of yourself with loving kindness and compassion, the best ways you know how.

💜This may include some of my favorite healthy tools for comfort: crying, hibernating, prayer/meditation, naps, resting, gentle movement, breathwork, intention setting, taking in uplifting content, calling/texting a friend and letting them know your true emotional/mental status without shame, drinking a lot of water, eating healthy foods.

✨️Over the years I've re-written many of my unhealthy coping mechanisms. This is the type of work done in Yoga Therapy (YT). If you are interested in working with me individually to support adding healthy tools to your overall wellness toolbox schedule a free 30 minute YT Discovery Call.


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