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Poem for You

Poem By: John Roedel

she was once a fading ember

but when she finally let the sunlight touch her skin

she transformed into a towering signal fire

she was once only a single muted voice

but when she finally opened her holy mouth

she became a vibrant resounding gospel choir

she was once a collection of all of her past sins

but when she finally laid down in the river of forgiveness

she transfigured into a sacred lotus floating in mercy

she was once a locked vault for all her forgotten dreams

but when she finally remembered her wild purpose

she became a red ruby all-purpose master key

she was once everything that people gossiped about her

but when she finally let go of what other people think

she metamorphized into a billowing pink cloud above

she was once an unwept tear stuck in the corner of her eyes

but when she finally allowed herself to be kissed madly again

she exploded into a rising volcanic island of passionate love

she was once the makeup she used to hide all of her bruises

but when she finally felt the courage rising in her veins

she changed into a packed suitcase with angel wings

she was once a knot of old yarn abandoned in a drawer

but when she finally unspooled herself from the pain

she became a loose and untethered kite string

what was once an empty sky

has become a glowing starfield

of countless new beginnings

what was once a book of revelation

has transformed into a powerful

story of Genesis and fresh mornings

what was once a long winter

has bloomed into the season of

untouched wildflowers

what was once a waving white flag

has been restyled into a lush

battle gown of renewed power

she is the signal fire

she is the gospel choir

she is the lotus of mercy

she is the ruby master key

she is the pink cloud above

she is the volcanic island of love

she is the suitcase with angel wings

she is a loose and untethered kite string

be careful she isn't who you remember

she was meant to be more than who she was allowed

feel the power of her exquisite raging storm

and become washed in the downpour she is now

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