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Persisting Nonetheless

I was enamored by the clouds today. What an awe filled sight with the sun, sky, breeze and water. Also what a heartbreaking sight with remnants of man-made structures rotting, homeless tent houses, polluted waters, litter on the earth and in the trees. Why are humans so disconnected to their connection to nature? Has this pandemic awakened more souls to the damage caused by careless use of resources, by treating animals cruelly, by not mindfully respecting other living beings? Mother Nature and Earth will persist. Haven't you received the sacred invitation? The one inviting you to #slowdown, to #remember your connection to all that is, to take care of yourself, to take care of your home- #Earth , this planet that sustains us all? Without her we are nothing. #Nature will go on no matter what and will find it's own #balance one way or another. You are invited to jump on board of the human nature tribe boat and sail the seas of an awakening. Open your third eye- your seat of wisdom, open your heart- your seat of loving kindness and compassion. See everything as it is- practice #discernment and move towards #truth. It is scary when you have to let go of your illusion of control. It's frightening to practice #surrender and move towards the path of least resistance. It's mind blowing when you begin to realize that all of the shit you thought was important- money, status, power, fame, being right- aren't. You can't take any of those things with you when you die. We are all going to die. The key is to live, and to do it in #harmony with Nature, finding balance within the Self, remembering your connection with The Divine and exploring all of your internal darkness so that you can move towards the light. You are loved. You are love. Practice #gratitude for all of your blessings. Tap into the part in you that is connected to all that is. Remember. Respect yourself, respect your Earth home. This is Yoga in life, this is being on a Spiritual journey. Seeing it all, feeling it all...and persisting nonetheless just like Earth is showing us.


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