Less Stuff More Life

Growing up I moved approximately 8-10 times before the age of 12. I attended 4 Catholic grade schools. We moved about every other year. This led to me having an obsession with "things" and "stuff." I was definitely a spoiled child when it came to physical things- clothes, toys, junk food, tv, computer when they 1st came out, video games. I definitely had a lot if stuff. Due to moving so much and having a very unique personality😌, I struggled with making friends 6th grade whe

Show Yourself

Show Yourself by Ayla Nereo✨ I release you, I receive you✨ A new life is birthing,✨ I peek out from potter's eyes,✨ Peel back the mountains, this surf is a swift one,✨ It's a delicate thrashing, this undertow daunting,✨ The task is at hand, and not a moment too soon.✨ When doubled and breaking, all wide-eyed and crazy,✨ You whisper sweet somethings to the one you are saving,✨ Your mirror and likeness, your servant and highness,✨ The earth in one being, your body the queen.✨ I

A Community of the Spirit

A Community of the Spirit by Rumi✨ There is a community of the spirit.✨ Join it, and feel the delight of walking in the noisy street and being the noise.✨ Drink all your passion and be a disgrace.✨ Close both eyes to see with the other eye.✨ Open your hands if you want to be held.✨Consider what you have been doing.✨ Why do you stay with such a mean-spirited and dangerous partner?✨ For the security of having food. 1✨ Admit it.✨ Here is a better arrangement.✨ Give up this life,