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No Mistakes

There is a girl who I used to be.

One who bent myself into uncomfortable shapes to be who I thought others wanted me to be.

Because the real me was too loud, too proud, too weird, too emotional, too much of everything.

In that bending something in me broke.

I lost connection, at times I lost hope.

In the breaking I wound up discovering who I truly am.

I am beyond any worldly definition of who I should be.

I simply am.

In that being I am exactly who and what I'm supposed to be.

In my doings I am creating and defining myself.

I get to choose each day how I show up in this chaotic world of ours.

I need no one's approval but my own.

I am a magnificent evolution of humanness.

A bumbling, stumbling mess at times- a shiny, bright light at others.

No misteps, for each fire that burned my ego sense of self to the ground- made fertile ground for my soul to grow.

My life is my practice.

Yoga is my guide.

Each of us has a different road to the True Self- I choose working towards living with conscious awareness every day.

Embracing the mystery each step of the way.

Now I look in the mirror and love who I see.

I wish the same for all beings to love who they are and then to move from there.

In Embodiment of your Truth in Love there are no mistakes.


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