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New Outdoor Event!

😁I'm so excited to share this I can wait no longer! Full details will be complete soon. Time will be 11:30am or 12pm. Note that I have the ability to lead this once per month through October with dates already reserved! Those will be announced if these are successful/show interest of 5-10 students.

🌟It's been a long, cold winter so let's get together and build community in nature!

Join me for Purposeful Pause in the Pines: a 75ish minute Mindful Meeting at Rancocas Nature Center, located in Westhampton, NJ. I am so excited to get out of my home, into the community and to bring together accessible stress relieving Yoga practices in nature for those in the area.

💜The intention behind this experience is to remind people to take a pause from "real life" to mindfully slow down, get into nature, breathe deep, look around, appreciate the beauty, and honor their connection with the planet. Doing it with others is even more fun!

🌲General Format:

We will meet in the parking lot and then walk as a group over to a patch of pines within the preserve where we will sit on the Earth.

🌟 I will lead centering, breathing, some light spinal mobility movements, a mini guided awareness meditation, and initiate a Silent Walk. Each member of the group will be invited to silence their phones to alerts, set an alarm for 20 minutes, wander around the preserve with mindful appreciation and a promise to stay silent during the exploring experience. After 20 minutes members meet back up, I lead brief breathwork and centering, ending with opportunity for members to share experiences with the group if called.

🌲Rancocas Nature Center is a non-profit organization situated on 210 acres of the Rancocas State Park with 3 miles of hiking trails through meadows, forest, and wetlands in Westampton, NJ.

🌟Event Price: $20

☮️We hope the community will benefit from this offering. Reserve your spot and tell your friends. No Yoga experience needed. Everything is accessible for the average human.

💜All details *once complete* will be found on Special Events tab at



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