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The following put together from a Ram Dass talk on Spotify- The Roots of Suffering. Not direct quote but a snippet of the end of the lecture, link in below: The art is to stay wide open and vulnerable in life. Sit with the mystery and with the awe and with the pain. Sit with it all. Watch what happens to your heart when you read the news. See phenomenon arising that are part of the human condition. Human condition include greed, lust, fear, anger, violence. It also has beauty, tenderness, care, joy, light. You cannot find true happiness by denying the pain of the world. The cost of armoring your heart against what is is more cost than you would appreciate. Open this moment to it all- happiness, sadness, joy, pain- living truth. To be part of that is to be a living spirit in the system. When you wish it were different you can't see what is. Expand the self to keep embracing it all instead of- avoiding, denying, being driven by aversion and fear. When you do this who you thought you were dies... You don't have compassion- you are compassion.



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