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Life's Tragic Mysteries

💜Many of us want answers and the "why's" behind painful events brought through the game of life. 

💜My specific journey, just like many humans, has been filled with much darkness and trauma.  Due to this, throughout my teens I fantasized about taking my own life. This shadow within me came to a head 6 years ago, the day after Christmas,  when I went to get evaluated at a psychiatric hospital because I was so lost that I didn't want to continue on. Luckily, I connected with therapeutic support and step by step put myself back together, better than I ever was.

💜Sadly,  some don't seek support and leave this world by choice at the hands of suicide. In these moments those of us still here are left in the tragic and mysterious aftermath.  Nowadays to support myself through these moments I turn to trusted teachers for guidance.  It just so happens that I have been digesting these poignant teachings over the past few weeks, seems like a good time to share...

💜In this Q&A with Ram Dass from 1990 he talks about things like: suicide,  abortion and "what to do with murderers and rapists."

💜If you have never listened to Ram Dass please stay open and curious as you take it in. As always take what resonates and let the rest go.

💜Ram Dass Here and Now, episode 208 "Where Impeccability Lies":

💜If you need support the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline in the USA is available 24/7. Dial: 988

💜You are not alone.  I am a resource and have been there. DM or email me

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