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Highly Sensitive Souls

✨A little midweek inspiration for those who identify as “highly sensitive.” For a long time I had no idea that I was highly sensitive. Being isolated solo during the pandemic helped me realize my sensitivity to the energy of others. Sometimes you hear this called being an “empath.” There are more of us out there than you may realize! I have many such highly sensitive souls as students.

💜A regular physical yoga practice can support those who identify as highly sensitive with coming back into balance when they’ve fallen off kilter, teaching them how to be more in tune with themselves, and their needs. Yoga practices assist with releasing the stress of the day and clearing any vibrations of others that may have been picked up along the way.

✨I currently lead 5 live online accessible group yoga classes a week to support.

💜I offer drop in rates and 2 options for monthly memberships which include access to my On Demand video library of over 200 classes.

🎶I also have a plethora of Spotify playlists to choose from if you are seeking music to support you getting out of your mind and into the moment.

✨Full details, and reserve your spot on Online Yoga Classes tab of my website:


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