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Divine Love

Yesterday I was gifted this beautiful morganite necklace from a good friend Randee Mateo. Morganite is a stone for channeling divine love and compassion. It can also assist in connecting with guardian angels and spirit guides. Additionally it's beneficial for softening the emotions and bringing the emotional body back into balance promoting self love and self acceptance. Synchronicity! When I went hiking in the rain last week I was talking to God- I asked for more clear communication with my guides/Divine Source, to find balance with my emotions, and for signs from the Universe that are unmistakable- for at times I feel very lost and alone in this world. This gift was a prayer answered. I am truly blessed, supported and loved. Not only do I have angels on the other side watching over me- I surely have Earth Angels as friends. Signs are all around us if we allow ourselves to be open to seeing them. Remember your divinity. When in doubt talk to your God, Goddess, Divine Source, Nature, Universe (whatever your label). Then keep your eyes peeled and wait for the magic to appear. You are supported and loved. Find something each day to be grateful for and more things to be grateful for will flow to you. ☮✨💜🌟🕉🦋🕉🌟💜✨☮ #divineguidance #divinelove #gratitude #earthangels #spiritualjourney #spiritguides #iamblessed #morganite #healing #healingjourney #crystals #inspirationallaround #blissfulbutterfly #yoga #yogaisawayoflife #rememberwhoyoureallyare

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