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Warning Label

A student sent this to me and said it reminded her of me- yup basically 🤣 I've been outspoken since a young age. In preschool/gradeschool I was in many fights with bullies, standing up for myself or other children. I questioned authority regularly and even got into fights with family members over racist comments in my childhood years. In my professional career as a young adult I was told that I needed to warn staff members about my personality because if you don't know me I can come off as abrasive. My warning label- I am straightforward, honest, curse a lot in certain situations and don't take shit from anyone. Yoga has curbed my sarcasm but it hasn't taken away my sometimes brutal honesty. I have definitely become much more lighthearted in my approach, however there are a few things that I will always stand up for- equality, truthfulness and the highest good for all- I have seen these specific things come up again for me recently and I embrace this as part of my purpose here. The world needs more truth tellers. Warning given ⚠️

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