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Lustrous Gem

This week is chakra 3, Manipura- lustrous gem. This is your inner fire, your power center. It's all about transformation, daring to live authentically, daring to take risks, being true to your unique self. As we step out into the world and meet challenges, it strengthens us by forcing us to grow. Power, like a muscle, will only increase through use. Just like the butterfly struggling to break free from the chrysalis, we too must learn to face challenges as we struggle to break free from the world's expectations of who we are "supposed to be." Without the struggle the butterfly will shrivel and die. We too must keep trudging through, carving out our own unique destiny, make mistakes along the way, learn lessons, laugh and shine in our own awesome way! You are a powerful being- time to spread those wings!


To practice with me virtually Tuesday mornings mornings at 9:30am visit for details.

I teach each day M-F check out my schedule! Email me directly with questions!


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