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Cleanse. Clear. Rest. Rejuvenate.

Today's theme: cleanse, clear, rest and rejuvenate.🌟

Feeling grateful for my personal sanctuary at home. Was lucky to just be here all day with no real agenda. How often do you carve out time for yourself to just be in your home and enjoy the moment? If it's been awhile there is no time like the present to just be. 🌟

Yoga practice is also a great tool to begin to mindfully create a discipline around the importance of self care. Your body is the vessel which houses your soul. Keep that vessel clean, clear, rested and rejuvenated in order to show up in your life as your best self. 🌟

If a regular practitioner of yoga, or if you haven't stepped on your mat in awhile or if you are curious about it- I invite you to come check out a virtual class with me this week. Practice from the comfort of your own home. I offer one live stream class per day Monday -Friday. My style is lighthearted, playful, trauma sensitive and sprinkles in yoga philosophy in a down to earth type of way 🌟


For details about virtual schedule visit online classes tab.


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