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We Are In This Together

Last week I had several episodes of debilitating pelvic pain. Today was my follow up ultrasound to start to figure out what is going on. The fact that this is happening during the pandemic is almost comical. Life. My deep breathing practices have really come in handy to settle my anxiety during this. However- I don't have it half as bad as most right now. I am grateful for the medical profession and their tireless work on the front lines. I am grateful for the grocery store workers, the postal workers, the sanitation workers, the truck drivers, the warehouse workers, the delivery workers, the farmers, the governors, the police officers, the fire fighters....all those peeps that I missed who can't stay home because they are keeping things running. I am grateful for the parents who are now doing double duty work from home and full time mom/dad/teacher. I am grateful for my friends and family who check in on me and I on them. We are in this together. Don't forget that.😷#wearamask#doyourpart#weareinthistogether#gratefulfortheworkers#newnormal

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