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Tune In To You

No filter. The shine is real.

What we need right now is to not dim, but to shine brighter.

Pause, breathe, go within, tune into that part in you that is connected to me and everything else.

Move from a centered space through the chaos.

Don't have time to pause? Make time.

Take care of yourself.

Nature is giving each of us a reason to slow down, to get some sunshine, to remember...

...Deep breaths...

Remember who you are... Spirit.

Remember why you are here... To live.

Remember what the Earth is built to do... Last.

So let's do our part to lay down fear as we stand together... each doing our best every day to heal the space around us... to heal help find energetic balance... to keep our environment safe...To give the children a fighting chance to see a healthy world.

If you hear the call, if you read this- It's time to step up. We all must tune into our gifts and collectively raise humanity's vibration.I will use my yoga teaching to spread the word of Yoga philosophy and to hold space for you to find the inner voice of your highest self...The voice that speaks with kindness and compassion to yourself and everyone else.Imagine if we all tuned into the voices of our highest selves.

Movement is medicine to shake away the tension. Breath is the key to coming back into the moment.

As many times as you drift away from the highest self/moment/breath, is as many times as you are invited to come back.

Mindfulness will help us to maneuver through the darkness, it will light us up... individually and collectively.

My plan is to teach all my classes at all my places as long as the doors are open. I'm also in full support of online teaching so students who want to learn/practice with me, but can't make it to the studios, can! I am in the works with studios to figure out a way for students to videoconference in on my classes if there is a need.

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