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"Peace Rose"

Pictured here is quite possibly the most beautiful rose I have ever seen. It's currently blooming on my neighbor's side of the porch where I live. I'm drawn toward its beauty for solace and comfort in these strange days.

Everyone around is angry, sad, tired or numb.

One hit after another and our humanness is being tried.

The world we live in is shattering hearts in the most tragic of ways- day after day.

Yet here sits this rose on my porch.

Smelling sweet, blissful beauty, without a care in her pretty little head.

The blossoms rarity is what makes the plant so precious- the majority of its growth is vine and thorns.

This flower is a reminder-

Life is like this.

Many thorns and a few precious blossoms.

Don't let the bitterness of life steal the sweetness.

Allow yourself to turn towards the light in your darkest hours.

Keep seeking love, kindness, compassion, truth, peace, and forgiveness.

Keep spreading love, kindness, compassion, truth, peace, and forgiveness.

Take care of yourself- your body, mind and Soul. Let your emotions flow in a safe way.

Remember to tune into the light within the pulsation of your heartbeat especially when you feel low.

Do this in small ways every day to combat the fear that comes with such big feelings that leave us feeling confused and raw.

Smell a rose, dance in the rain, sing in the shower, cry, laugh, phone a friend, allow yourself to be seen and heard, see and hear another, turn off the news, take quiet time just for you, take a nap, comfort your humanness in healthy ways, eat nutritious yummy foods, drink lots of water, breathe deep in nature, get your feet onto the earth, voice gratitude for the blooms.

When we do this we not only feel better individually, but we collectively begin to shift.

Incrementally, with each Soul that awakens and chooses to replace the fear in their hearts with love, we deepen our unified connection to the abundant supply of light all around us.

Heal the world around you by healing yourself first.

Be the Peace Rose. ✌️ 🌹✨️

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