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Sass and Stars

I spent many years not knowing who I was and not liking myself very much. Why? Because I was raised in a home where no one knew who they were, nor did they like themselves. I grew up being told how to act in order for others to like me...but I never learned how to love myself. I then spent my adulthood doing just that- learning how to love myself, including all of my flaws. For it's the flaws that make me uniquely brilliant- just as your flaws do for you. The study of Yoga philosophy and lifestyle principles gave me a road map to finding my authentic self- the part of me that is forever innocent like a 5 year old child, basking in the awesome splendor of nature. The part of me that doesn't care what other's think, that shines, dances, sings, believes in magic and knows that my spirit is connected to all that is. Each of us has a divine spark within our intuitive hearts. How do we find it? We get out of the thinking mind and get into the moment. We have fun. We learn to expand our vision embracing a higher level of consciousness- carving out time to remind ourselves that we are a soul. We choose to not be a victim of our human past, but are brave like the caterpillar entering the chrysalis to fall apart in order to be reborn a butterfly. It's a practice that spirals through years of twists, turns, falls, forgetting and restarts. It is the most wild ride you will ever go on and worth every tear, heartache and heartbreak. It's those tough times that make you, show your resilience and move you towards really knowing what you are made of. Im made of love, joy, peace, sass and stars- what are you made of?


If you feel called to diving deeper into yoga, yoga philosophy or lifestyle principles, I'm studying to be a Yoga Therapist!I am currently offering case study sessions, message me directly to learn more about how yoga therapy can help support you on your journey.


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