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Faith In The Universe

Today has been a day filled with gratitude. I had a beautiful moment just before I taught my 1pm class where I sat taking in the beauty of my environment. How lucky I am to have this space where I've been practicing and teaching from virtually. How blessed I am to be given the gift of experiencing this home studio. Happiness for all I have been able to set up here to spread yoga- something which means the world to me. As I sat basking in the gratitude- outside I heard strong wind blowing, windows rattling, sirens blaring, chaos. This shined awareness...this is what yoga invites us to be- the safe space inside ourselves- this is where the peace is found. Yoga says: be the calm in the chaos. Do this by holding things lightly and by being grateful for what you have in the moment. This too shall pass. All of it can be gone at any moment. Just like this home studio- I will have to wave goodbye to this space in 1 month as I am downsizing to a cozy cave of an apartment. I have no idea how I will record my classes because the world was much different when I signed my new lease a couple months ago. All of this doesn't make my gratitude any less abundant, but invites me to surrender and trust that my next step will unfold as it should. I trust in the support of the Universe and so I am happy. I included the orchid because she started blooming when my quarantine journey began and I am still in awe every time I look at her knowing she bloomed for me to keep me company😊

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