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Dance It Out

You are seeing a mix of 12 year old performance Ronnie, 22 year old concert loving V and 40 year old Blissful Butterfly Veronica. I've always loved dancing. One reason I did my 200 YTT with Beyond Asana was the group dancing component which really helped me find freedom within my own skin. This pandemic is starting to get to me with the lack of in-person social interaction and now you all benefit by living room dance parties.

I haven't embodied Blissful Butterfly in awhile because honestly I haven't felt up to it. The world's suffering broke my heart a few times recently and I have been doing my best to get my vibration back up. You see my life has been filled with many heavyweight lessons which in turn brought me to the more stable spiritual version before you. However, I am very sensitive to all of the energetic chaos and struggle at times feeling like I don't fit into this world, what am I doing here, there is so much suffering. Ego questions- "Who wants to see you dance around your living room? How will that help anyone?" Then Spirit says- "I'm telling you someone needs to see this, it will brighten up their day. It just takes one smile." So here you go.

We all have skeletons in our closets, things that we've done when we weren't our best selves, mistakes along the way. These things are not to be hidden or ashamed of. Transform your internal script to embrace those things as your teachers- look back, see your growth and application of lessons since those moments in your life that make you go 🤦‍♀️ You know what I'm talking about.

So here I dance before you- a beautiful blissful mess of a human with skeletons, ghosts, and mistakes out the wazoo- do those things make me any less awesome? Do they make my spirit any less bright? My yoga teaching or writing any less valuable?

Don't let your past weigh you down, let it be the the fabric of your wings that helps you to fly. The time to transform is now. Change is possible, I am a prime example.

All These Things That I've done by The Killers, I do not own the rights to the music, please don't sue me, posting this out of pure love and I respect the artist, they rock 🤘

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