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Calm In the Chaos

Good morning my loves. I have been disconnected because I am moving. Today is the last day in my beautiful yoga space. I am sad yet grateful. Similar feelings about what is happening in the world- sad yet grateful that there is clearly change happening....and no not all change is beautiful. But I promise, having been through the dark night of the soul, having wanted to kill myself 3.5 years ago when my life fell apart, having made it back to a bigger and brighter version of myself- it is through this darkness that we will become stronger. It is indeed the challenges that teach us. Be the eye of the storm my loves. Stand peacefully within the chaos. If you have loved ones by your side- you are lucky. Find something in this to be grateful for. It isn't easy, it's the hardest fucking thing you will ever do in your entire life. Find your peace from within. Talk to God. Remember that you are Divine. #blissfulbutterfly #yoga #peace #youaredivine #holdyourlovedonesclose #breathe #calminthechaos #darknightofthesoul

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