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Amidst the Chaos

No time like the present to #findyourcenter amidst the chaos.☯️ #Mynewnormal #ComprehensiveYogaTherapy training weekend. Oh how I have missed my yoga community. Today we were back together virtually!🌟🌈🌟Over the past 1.5 years these training weekends have nourished me in ways that are beyond words and have allowed me to gain #clarity on my purpose. I am overflowing with #gratitude today.🕉Here is my lunch break homework 15 minute flow- personal intention: "I am open. I am grateful. " I practiced staying #present by moving my body, mindfully breathing and focusing on #awareness with #playfulcuriosity in an #attitudeofgratitude .🕉A quote from my teacher today in regards to service providers: "Self care is an ethical act." Oftentimes I see the "givers" in our society forget the importance of taking time to energetically and spiritually fill themselves up for #fear of being selfish or experiencing #guilt or simply saying they don't have the time because they are focused on the needs of everyone else. I am here to remind you of how important taking care of the self is.☯️Without caring for the self we do not show up authentically. We can become off balance and depleted. Then we are no good to anyone- including ourselves. It takes #awareness and a broader view of the human condition to be able to step back and see #selfcare as a support for the #highestgoodforall . By moving yourself towards #balance you bring those around you into a more #harmoniousvibration with you, one another and #nature. This is how it works. 🕉 Honestly without yoga and my community of like minded spiritual seekers- I don't believe that I would be in such a stable emotional, mental and spiritual state where I am able to #maneuverthechaos that the physical world throws at me constantly. This includes the reality of dealing with #change, #loss, #pain, #anxiety, #fear and a ton of other emotions. Through #Yoga I have learned how to #sitindiscomfort and ultimately use challenges as opportunities for #furtherexpansion and continued #growth in awareness.🕉If you or anyone you know would be interested in learning more about Yoga/ Yoga Therapy reach out.

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