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All the Feels

I'm having a lot of feelings today. Heard that NJ parks will be closed until further notice starting tonight at 8pm. Yes I understand why, but it doesn't make the heartbreak and sadness any less real. This park has been my saving grace over the past few years, I've cried here, danced here, ran into friends here, healed here and adored the wildlife here. This place will be missed and I am grateful for my time spent here. It was a somber stroll with the sounds of birds chirping, airplanes flying, horns honking, cars driving and lawn mowers running.... two worlds colliding, nature needs a break from us humans. I show you here the beauty but I also saw much darkness today in regards to littering, disregard of social distancing protocol by some and straight up fish killed for fun and just left behind. My heart is both full and broken. My mind is both serene and sad. I love the Earth and I am doing my part to keep myself and my community members safe. I hope you do the same. I also hope that when we as a species recover from this we begin to treat our Earth more kindly and compassionately- it's been here way longer than us and will be here after we are gone.#letslivesustainably#earthisourhome#respectnature#yogaoffthemat#natureisawesome#findbeauty#mixedemotions#sittingindiscomfort#doyourpart#stayhome#shitisgettingreal

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