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Yoga Dance Party What?!

Please read till the end if you wanna dance with me tonight 🤩

Its time for me to reinvigorate my practice and my teaching. As a yoga teacher I didn't get much time for my own practice or I was drained by teaching so many classes so I rested a lot to stay viable. Now with my freedom I am moving for me- I mean I'm still writing you a sweet class- but its going to be sweeter than usual because I am practicing self care, the stuff I preach. It's time to reel in self discipline, Tapas. Of the yamas and the niyamas- it's the 3rd niyama and I will talk about this in classes this week as well. We will find our breath, intention, balance, presence, our playful light inside. Since I cannot play music without owning rights I do request my students to have available- 1 song that makes you dance every time you hear it, or Jamiroquai Canned Heat. In my yoga teacher training we did a lot of dance parties. It's time my loves. We will also find grounding and comfort inside our souls through this process. Yoga works. Let's practice.  My website is in my last post. #freedomismine #freeyoursoul #yogadanceparty #doyougawithme #staycentered #presence #strength #courage #wisdom #selfdiscipline

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