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New Earth: Food for Thought

🌟Please note I am not telling you to believe any of this. I just found it. I think it's interesting. I want to share it. Part of my role here on Earth is to shine light on shit. I also offer my unsolicited interpretations and lessons from said findings. I'm sharing full Blog for free if interested... 💜This article talks about serious stuff to start a conversation, comments centered in love and truth always welcome. All views allowed. Let's build a new world aligned with love and truth. Share your thoughts on this. ☮️Practice discernment always. If something doesn't resonate as truth in your soul- let it go. If it sounds interesting- ponder it, dive deeper. I share all sources...

🦋Inspired by "Changing of the Gods", Pluto's Return and an interesting video by Russell Brand in regards to Wuhan Lab leak documents being heavily redacted. "Changing of the Gods" is an 8 episode documentary that focuses on historical occurrences that took place during specific transits of the planets Pluto and Uranus, in connection with the planets archetypal roles. Following information taken from memory of what Oren Lyons Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) Faithkeeper said in episodes 2 and 3: There were 6 Tribes of the Iroquois, who were the original inhabitants of the land that we currently call the United States, and their leaders came together and ruled their tribes in a true Democracy. Their government was ruled by: Peace, equality and unity. The constitution of the United States was supposedly based on these principles, however 2 major issues that would need to be addressed, as noted by the Iroquois, sooner or later- no women involved in the founding government and slavery. These two movements, following the core issues