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New Earth: Food for Thought

🌟Please note I am not telling you to believe any of this. I just found it. I think it's interesting. I want to share it. Part of my role here on Earth is to shine light on shit. I also offer my unsolicited interpretations and lessons from said findings. I'm sharing full Blog for free if interested... 💜This article talks about serious stuff to start a conversation, comments centered in love and truth always welcome. All views allowed. Let's build a new world aligned with love and truth. Share your thoughts on this. ☮️Practice discernment always. If something doesn't resonate as truth in your soul- let it go. If it sounds interesting- ponder it, dive deeper. I share all sources...

🦋Inspired by "Changing of the Gods", Pluto's Return and an interesting video by Russell Brand in regards to Wuhan Lab leak documents being heavily redacted. "Changing of the Gods" is an 8 episode documentary that focuses on historical occurrences that took place during specific transits of the planets Pluto and Uranus, in connection with the planets archetypal roles. Following information taken from memory of what Oren Lyons Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) Faithkeeper said in episodes 2 and 3: There were 6 Tribes of the Iroquois, who were the original inhabitants of the land that we currently call the United States, and their leaders came together and ruled their tribes in a true Democracy. Their government was ruled by: Peace, equality and unity. The constitution of the United States was supposedly based on these principles, however 2 major issues that would need to be addressed, as noted by the Iroquois, sooner or later- no women involved in the founding government and slavery. These two movements, following the core issues of our country's roots, are highlighted in "Changing of the Gods" : the woman's rights and racial justice movements, in alignment with Pluto and Uranus transitions throughout history. Watch documentary for full breakdown in detail. Changing of the Gods documentary series details:

My take from pondering and knowledge absorbed through watching documentary: The original documents of our country were literally designing to keep the rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer, the women and minority voices unheard/seen as lesser than. We all also should know by now as common knowledge: the slaughtering of native people and hoarding of land as commodity to be stripped of natural resources for 1%'s profit margins has had an effect being a rotted foundation of a country. Deep healing of ancestoral wounds is necessary and a massive recognition of those still in denial needs to happen. A new way of living is calling us home, one based on original native ways of living. We need to stand up and say we won't conform anymore to anything out of alignment with core basic human rights for all- food, shelter, healthcare, education and sustainability. We need new documents and a new system. Our country needs to collectively call out the bullshit establishment and build a new one based on acceptance, forgiveness, healing, love, compassion, truth, and truly embody the Native American ways of peace, equality and unity for all. We can start individually by loving ourselves, creating peace within and then spreading that shit everywhere. All systems are broken, how can we make it better? Each of us has a role to play in creating a better world, to get there tune into your heart and hear its true nature. Only you know what you are here to do. Start trusting the calls of your Spirit. The time is now to do things differently, thinking out of the box, moving away from fear and into love. How are you supposed to create a better world in only a way you can? Start by having conversations about things that matter, with yourself, your creator and your community. More food for thought from "Changing of the Gods"- Currently our country's assets runs on the top 1% trickling down to bottom 99%, what kind of system is that? "Pretty stupid" according to Oren Lyons, he said giggling with something to the effect of "I don't know what else to say." The way our country is currently running simply is not sustainable and it's time to shift in big ways. After hearing about Pluto's Return in "Changing of the Gods" I dove a little deeper and found an astrologer speaking on the subject, Bracha Goldsmith. She spoke of the impacts of The United States founding as being believed by astrologers to currently be coming to full light now because of Pluto's Return to the United States on 2/22/22. Pluto has returned to the same position it held in 1776 over the United States when the Declaration of Independence was signed, which astrologically speaking will shed light on all the dark hidden places of the country's rotted foundation. The effects of the transit will span 2022-2024. According to Bracha, Pluto's Return mark's the 'Dark Night of the Soul' for the United States. This means a reckoning and big structural changes that will seem really scary at first but will ultimately lead to something better for humanity. According to Bracha, (also confirmed by Yogananda and my personal journey)- "growth comes through friction and challenge." Don't fear the changes to come. Her reading on Pluto's Return: Remember: to become the best version of yourself you must face your demons and integrate the lessons. This is currently happening to our country. My unsolicited interpretations: as the wild ride of building a new world unfolds stay connected to your center. You may not be changing big structures but the structure of your perception around what is happening is your focus. Be mindful of what you consume on all levels. Feed your body whole foods. Move your body nourishingly. Breathe fully and notice your breath throughout your day. Take time to soothe your senses. Practice discernment with your sources of information. Take in Spiritual wisdom that resonates with love. Ride the waves of your emotions. Self reflect. Take time to slow down and be in the moment. Unplug. Get in nature. Practice gratitude. Notice the tone of your internal dialog, vear away from fear and towards love and truth. Start questioning things that seem off. Speak up for peace, equality and unity. Remember- we are all here to make a better world for generations to come, the time of pushing things into the shadows is over, let it all come into the light... Last tid bit of information that may make you go hmmmmm..... 2020 was a big year, and just so happened to align with the end of a Pluto Uranus transit. The pandemic and the confusion around the virus has us all feeling a lot of things. Put aside your opinions on vaccinations and masks and start to wonder- how did this all happen in the first place? In alignment with Pluto's Return let us start shining light on possible links to our government's role in the hot mess express we all find ourselves on: An interesting news story by Russell Brand talking about the Wuhan Lab leak redacted documents released- if there was nothing to hide...why black out 90% of the released documents? View here: Do what you want with this. Comment if you feel called. If you made it this far, thanks for letting me share.

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