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Meditation Path

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Meditation and the Path of Raja Yoga is the toughest path for me. It's taken me the longest out of any other path of yoga to be able to sit in stillness with my own mind.

Perhaps this resonates with you?

For me the issue with meditation was the fact that my mental health was a shit show for a long time. I had years of unprocessed childhood trauma coming out in relationships, my behavior patterns were self sabotaging, my self talk was the opposite of loving and the cycles were exhausting- I had enough and ultimately decided to search for true healing no matter the cost.

Yoga was the path of healing for me. It started as movement and care for my body, getting me out of my mind for awhile then grew from there. When I learned Patanjali's 8 Fold Path in the Yoga Sutras and actually applied it in my life- everything changed. It taught me how to start to separate myself from the noise in my mind.

The 8 Fold Path leads first through guidance on examining spiritually minded and virtuous ways to think, speak and act towards the Self, and towards others (Yamas and Niyamas). Followed by breathing (Pranayama) and movement (Asana). Next up sense withdrawal (Pratyahara). Then concentration (Dhrana), followed by meditation (Dhyana) resulting in eventual enlightenment (Samadhi).

Meditation takes time to cultivate, it is literally listed as the 7th step in an 8 step process. All the other Yoga practices are leading you there. Allow yourself to be where you are at with it now. Realize it can take a long while to get there. No effort you put towards it is ever wasted. Just keep showing up for yourself and your practice.

The classes I teach are like training sessions for eventually learning how to sit in stillness with your own body, breath,  mind and rest in the most subtle aspect of your being- the part of you connected to all that is. This can be an uncomfortable process but will lead to self understanding.

I'm an Internationally Certified Yoga Therapist and Experienced Certified Yoga Teacher. If interested in learning more with me during philosophy enriched group hatha classes or private Yoga Therapy sessions all details found at

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