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Get Wiggy With It

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Moment of bliss brought to you by all my ladies! I shaved my head a little over a week ago to claim sovereignty over my body during a slow genetic process of hairloss, androgenic alopecia. The shaving of the hair didn't remove my love of wigs. I have written about my admiration for Moira Rose in the past, this one is for her as I "get wiggy with it" and "turn a little hairloss into a lot of hair gain" (SATC refrences). Wigs are fun, they allow me to keep a playful attitude about the hairloss journey and I embrace being able to choose: hair, no hair, red, purple, pink, blonde, brunette....yea that's fabulous freedom to express myself and my truth anyway I see fit in the moment. 💜

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