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A Few Things

1. I feel like I have a team of angels behind me on my healing journey and I am so freaking grateful for friends who have stepped up and offered assistance. I have 3 weeks until my MRI and during this time I'm going to do all the natural healing remedies and see if I can't just shrink the shit outta that cyst.

2. This morning I taught a divinely inspired yoga class. One of my students who has been practicing with me for awhile said: "That was my favorite class of yours ever!" after we finished. That simply made my heart explode!

3. Yesterday a friend of mine who I met 10+ years ago sent me the photos he had taken of me before this Hot Mess Express of a Pandemic left the station. Over the years he has taken some amazing pictures of me. He also donated prints on canvas to my fundraising efforts when I assisted in building a school in Africa.

The 1st 4 photos here are from the newest shoot in my home studio. The last 4 are from over the years, dating back to circa 2010.

My friend @alienexpat is a photographer by trade (and a fucking phenomenal one at that) and as you can imagine in a pandemic... yadayadayada... he gave me these photos yesterday and a huge discount because he's Australian, he talks funny and he's awesome. I want to give back to him because of all he has done for me over the years.

4. I am offering a link to a recording of this morning's Divinely inspired yoga class for a donation to my photographer friendBradd Eeles. I will collect donations for him for 24 hours from this post. If you are interested please comment with your email address so I can send you the link to the class and venmo me $10 or more to @veronica-carpenter-3 put a "🦋" in the memo area and I will know to send the donations to him.

In this time of a shifting world let us begin to support one another in new and loving ways, because after all we are in this together and I know personally I only get by with a little help from my friends.

Bradd doesn't know I'm doing this...well maybe he does now.

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