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To Be Happy

I found this song To Be Happy by Joey Pecoraro (no I don't own the rights, he does, isn't he awesome?)while in San Diego over Christmas through a new friend I met at the hostel I was staying at. I bought this hat when I was in San Diego as well. My San Diego trip tapped me into my sense of self and strength hence the smile seen on my face seen here. The shirt worn here represents my 200 hr YTT fundraising success in building a primary school in Malawi with #buildOn in 2014. The women in the village where I stayed instilled in me the importance of connecting, dancing, smiling and being grateful. They reminded me of the importance of being in a human tribe- remembering we are all connected. I dance here in gratitude for all that led me to where I am at in this moment. I dance in gratitude for being a human and bask in having fun. I also dance to bring a smile to your face😊When I was a kid I loved dancing, music, making up little "shows"....can you tell? Oh and my birthday is in a few weeks, Im turning 40, I love my birthday and I'm pretty pumped for all the changes happening right now in my life as well as my favorite season begin upon us. My new mantra: less stuff more life. I'm dancing here in a space that opened in my apartment. I am celebrating remembering what's important- it's sure as fuck not the stuff. With less stuff I feel more free. Yoga philosophy and spirituality teach me that there is more than enough for everyone, everything I need is already within me and that I am loved by the Universe. There is so much strength found in letting go and learning to trust your Highest Self and your connection to the Divine.


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