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Things Happen, It's Ok

Things don't always work out the way we "think they should." This is the practice of life, being fluid in the moment. Sadly, yesterday I made the decision to stop teaching at this space for the time being because I chose to only do teaching from my home till the shit storm blows over. BUT....I will be back at this space when I am able to do in person stuff. The owner and my yogi soul sister @rootedyogaandwellness has so many wonderful offerings for how to use Yoga as a way to heal yourself and grow as a person. When it's time I will be holding in person Yoga Therapy sessions here, private sessions, as well as supporting in collaboration with the 200 hour YTT that will be held here at an indeterminate future date. We are moving towards a world filled with love and support, just gotta get through this messy moment. As always- stay tuned in. 🦋🌳🦋🌳🦋🌳🦋🌳🦋🌳🦋🌳 #tunein #turnon #fluidity #support #community #nothingbutlove #rootedyogaandwellness #yogaforhealing

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