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The Cosmic Giggle

Thank you Universe for all your lessons. I woke up today before the dawn with the birds, got tapped into Spirit and ready to teach. I listened to Sacred In The Every Day lecture by Ram Dass for the 3rd time. I then attempted to record and teach two very loyal and loving students. Each time I went to "teach yoga" breath and asana.... a student came on and told me my audio wasn't working. Nothing looked wrong on my end. Another student's video wasn't working. We disconnected, reconnected, still issues every time I was a "yoga teacher." My students and I reviewed the situation and I spoke about how the Universe is testing me to see where I'm stuck. Ram Dass calls it "the cosmic giggle." Old Veronica would've flipped out, getting stuck in frustration. New Blissful Butterfly laughs at the Universe's trick to make me a better teacher. I spoke about this life issue, Ram Dass, and then told them I'm not meant to teach in the typical way today. I sent them a recorded class, a link to Ram Dass' lecture and a picture of the alter set up. I was meant to teach Yoga in a whole new way- embodied. Quite magical✨Oh yea and during this pandemic I stopped shaving. Am I any less beautiful? My entire life outdated societal constructs led me to judgment of myself and in small ways I always changed myself to"fit in" a little bit better. I've always been rebellious, outspoken and independent. Now I am a wild woman. I am fierce. I am connected with all that is. Beauty is everywhere friends. Heaven is in the present moment. Remember who you are. We are in this together. A human tribe. One love.


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