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Designed to make you smile. A few years ago I bought this hair topper. I was so nervous when I bought it I didn't have the voice to tell the hair dresser that I hated it because it was specially ordered. I brought it home and cried. I wore it once to a family wedding and no one recognized me, that was fun. I think I look a lot like my sister, who I don't talk to anymore but I think about her every day. This one is for Lisa, wherever you are your little sister misses you and loves you very much. The glasses are an added bonus because I treated myself to blue light blocking specs.

Close to Me by The Cure- I don't own the rights but I do love me some Robert Smith.#smile#dance#thecure#thecureismycure#imissmysister#fakehairdontcare#digmyglasses#checkoutmymoves#yogaisfun#yogaisamindset

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