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Ride the Waves of Awareness

After my class this morning my students had very kind words which included comments about my improvement in communicating yogic wisdom during my classes. One student said my throat chakra was on fire and perhaps I had to lose my voice to go within and find my voice. I found this very prophetic for many reasons.

1- As a child my voice was shut down a lot by the adults around me and my feelings invalidated. This was an inspiration seed that led me to working with children. For many years the children that I worked with were delayed in their communication and it was part of my work to help them "find their voice" in a world that didn't understand them. 2- Due to my upbringing my throat chakra has always been rather unstable. Either speaking my truth all up in your face or shutting down and not being able to speak up when overwhelmed. This contributed to years of dysfunctional communication in intimate relationships. Recently through awareness and self study I have been able to become more balanced in this area. 3- For a very long time I have wanted to become a better Yoga teacher because Yoga has given me so much and I seek to share that with others. To do this I practice, study, teach, and constantly ask The Universe for guidance. I ask for clarity as to how to use all of the

experiences and challenges that I have lived through as a way to help others on their paths to healing.

In recent days I have seen growth and progress in myself when it comes to the messages I am communicating through my teaching- which feels pretty sweet. To then have students see it and comment on it makes my heart burst open in gratitude.The human part of me is very impatient when it comes to wanting answers and immediate results. Being on a spiritual journey has helped to ease the anxiety and fears but they surely aren't gone and the work definitely hasn't been easy.

Awareness comes in waves, healing comes in cycles, and growth comes in stages. Today I practice contentment for exactly where I am and gratitude for how far I have come.

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