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Merit Badges of Strength, Courage and Resilience

For a huge part of my life I was chronically dissatisfied in my relationships with people and with situations surrounding me. A big part of this was rooted growing up in an abusive home while feeling powerless, scared, misunderstood and unheard- once I was old enough to understand the unhealthy dynamics in my family- I headed into a very dark head-space. My spirit began to get covered over and I was lost. This experience led me to spending my adult life learning how to connect with myself and others in a healthy, compassionate and understanding way while holding healthy boundaries. Once I found Yoga and truly began to embody it as a way of life I was given all the tools that I needed to begin chipping away at the layers of darkness while turning my scars into merit badges of strength, courage and resilience. I'm one of the lucky ones in my family- as some are still blinded by the darkness. For many years I didn't like myself very much, I didn't know how to lead a healthy life, have healthy relationships, I felt like there was something inherently wrong with me- I leaned on the wrong people, substances, food, bad habits- one which included always being in my head- living in the past, in discontent. When yoga taught me how to not entangle in the storm of my emotions and the power of living in the moment it was a game changer. My past no longer controlled me. People, habits and situations that didn't serve my highest good were safe to let go of. The negative mindset of constant fear, worry and anxiety was safe to let go of. The practice of being the observer of my thoughts and being content in the moment is one which I am constantly cultivating- along with acceptance, allowance and the realization that I cannot control anyone or anything around me- this includes how others perceive me. It's a balancing act that I am grateful to be getting better at. Each day I can more clearly tune into my highest self and quiet the voice of my ego mind. 🕉🌟 #thisisthepractice #thisisyoga #santosha #contentment #iamasurvivor #letgo

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