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Love Yo' Self

How do you take care of yourself? How do you love yourself? Seriously- make a list- at least 10 things. Go. Post below. Share. Get other people to post. Put it up in your house. Practice at least 1 if not all 10 every day.

My top 12 Self Care Tools 1. Laugh- watch something funny, cute animals, joke with friends 2. Nap- love me some naps 3. Nature- walk in it, step outside and breathe deep, look at nature pictures, videos, places I've traveled- feel my connection to all that is. Smile. 4. Breathe consciously, deeply, fully 5. Repeat personal mantra of the moment- "I am love" , "I radiate peace" , "Openness" , "Let go" , "Ease. Grace. Flow." Whatever I need to cultivate in the moment. Anchor with mantra. 6. Sing. 7. Dance. 8. Call a close friend. 9. Asana/Yoga Poses. 10. Video chat a child in my life. 11. Pray/talk to Goddess/God/Universal Oneness 12. List the things I'm grateful for.

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