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Love In My Lungs

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

During the 2020 Shutdown I started writing openly in longer blogs about my traumatic childhood and dysfunctional family dynamics, this is a new addition to that series of writing.

Ages 0-17 were the formative years of my development which shaped the human that I am today. My business name, Blissful Butterfly Yoga, is a reference to the evolution of my life’s journey through the gushy smushy caterpillar stages and the flighted free flowing butterfly stages that accompanied me along the way. All the work that I put in on healing myself and becoming a blissful butterfly ultimately supports my dream of making the world a better place in my own special way. I share openly because one of the things that assisted me with healing the wounds of my early years was bringing them into the light and owning my story. As I share I spread inspiration for others to do the work to heal themselves from their past traumas- we will heal the world by first healing ourselves. I trust that this finds whoever it is meant to.