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Less Stuff More Life

Growing up I moved approximately 8-10 times before the age of 12. I attended 4 Catholic grade schools. We moved about every other year. This led to me having an obsession with "things" and "stuff." I was definitely a spoiled child when it came to physical things- clothes, toys, junk food, tv, computer when they 1st came out, video games. I definitely had a lot if stuff. Due to moving so much and having a very unique personality😌, I struggled with making friends 6th grade when I entered my 4th grade school. I leaned on food, tv and possessions to bring me joy and comfort. Now that I am grown up, 40 in 10 days, I get to choose how I find my joy and comfort. I find it through showing up in each moment as my authentic self. I find it through moving through this world with an open heart. I find it through being generous, grateful and in trusting that there is more than enough for everyone. I no longer cling to things because all my joy and comfort comes from my bountiful relationships with souls in my life and through my connection to the Divine Source of all. This is practicing yoga off the mat. Awareness of patterns, non judgement, non attachment, learning/applying lessons and remembering my connection to all that is. This futon was in my possession for approximately 15 years, we've seen some times together. It's finding a new home with a dear Yogi friend of mine today and I couldn't be happier. Less stuff, more life.


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