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I am having a human experience

Yesterday I was in the middle of many feelings which included fear, anxiety, anger, frustration, worry, and sadness. Earlier in the day yesterday I had tears flowing and words struggling to be expressed. I am maneuvering a tricky situation as our world is in this ever shifting state- as I am sure many of you are dealing with similar feelings in our unique situations. Along with those feelings I also have a feeling of peace rooted deep within my soul. This peace comes from my belief that there is something much larger at play in the world right now and nature is seeking to find balance. I assist this process of transformation through sharing yoga with whoever will listen and by finding balance within myself. I did this today by witnessing my emotions, attempting to become educated on my rights, reaching out to individuals who's advice I trust and then I went for a walk outside in the sunshine. I held a little ritual of releasing old dried sunflowers into Newton Lake, which had adorned the alter in my yoga space since the fall. I then walked, breathed, smiled at those I passed, prayed for everything to work out in the benefit of the highest good, held the intention "I am love" and took in the beauty of my favorite time of year with the trees blossoming.

Below you will find a link to a 10-minute video with breathing and intention setting. Perhaps this will assist you in finding steadiness and presence during this time of global transition. Yoga invites us to find balance within ourselves so that we can maneuver the process of transformation with grace and face our rapidly shifting physical reality/emotions without getting caught in the chaos, but rather allowing ourselves to move from our center with wisdom. I also offer up a chant to bring peace, joy, love and light to the world at the end of the video. Sit down, get comfy and tune in with me for the next 10 minutes. Feel free to share with your friends and family as well. If you are interested in an online recording of a 75-minute Vin/Yin class which involves yoga postures, for a small donation, please reach out to me directly for more information.


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