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I Am Blissful Butterfly

My name is Veronica

I am Blissful Butterfly

I'm here to tell you that

Your spiritual practice is medicine

It doesn't matter what religion you are

Yoga is a spiritual practice that compliments them all

Yoga isn't every one's path, that's true

Yoga is my path

I practice it in my life

I embody yoga

I teach it from the heart

Yoga is about carving out sacred time for you

So you can show up as your best self

In the flow of your life

Not taking things too seriously

Death is a certainty- so live

Be in the moment

Practice gratitude

Practice allowing things to flow






Challenge yourself



Remember you are Divine

Your yoga can be your life if you choose it

Perhaps your path is different, that's cool

Being on a spiritual journey means showing up every day and remembering that you are connected to all that is

Without judgment

With a quiet ego

With a peaceful mind

With an open heart


If you feel called to yoga, I love to share all I know. Right now I am studying a lot of spirituality, doing self work and teaching 5 group classes virtually per week. Check out my website to see when you can find me. I teach through 2 studios as well as through myself. Before the pandemic I was at 5 studios. Things change. Life is unpredictable. We must adapt and transform with grace like the butterfly. One of the studios that I teach through is Spiral Essence in Haddon Township, NJ. It's a space that opened just before this mess of a pandemic. Tomorrow I teach a 9:30am all levels class virtually through Spiral Essence. I invite you to come practice with me if you are curious. Or I invite you to donate to the studio for access to a recording of my divinely inspired 9:30am class tomorrow by donating to my venmo with a🦋as the subject and I will know to donate funds for 48 hours from this post to Spiral Essence Yoga and the owner Lisa Buarne. In this changing world we will only survive by supporting one another. Community.

A human tribe.

Message me or comment for venmo and class link info if you'll want a recording of tomorrow's class.


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