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Hurts My Heart

Seems pretty straightforward... I'm having an extremely difficult time with individuals who feel as if the rules somehow don't apply to them. I'm also voicing my concerns directly to those individuals and basically getting "yeah yeah" and then them laughing at me. To the individuals I did see wearing masks- I thanked them. You see- my cloth mask protects YOU, your cloth mask protects ME. The fact is that statistically I am low risk but I want you to feel safe so I put on a mask because the governor has it on the park websites and posted at the gate. What puts you above me? Your age? The fact that you've had it already but I don't know? What is it that makes people above "for the highest good for all?" I was crying in the woods today because I am overwhelmed with witnessing blatant disregard for other human beings. It hurts my heart. When I left I called the park rangers to ask how they enforce the masks and they say they tell people without masks to put them on or go home but they don't have the time or the man power to supervise all the parks. If this is a law why do we not have the man power to enforce it? Why are some human beings so disrespectful of other human beings because they just don't want to wear a mask? I don't want to either. This isn't about wants- this is about needs and right now we need to do better. I am Veronica, I call myself Blissful Butterfly. I speak for the humans, I speak for justice, I speak for the innocent, I speak truth. It is overwhelming, tiring, and can feel lonely at times to do this, please join me.#njparks #burlingtoncountyparks #amicoislandpark #wearamask #weareinthistogether #pandemicsurvival #forthehighestgood #speakyourtruth #standupforhumans #yoga

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