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Heal, Rest, Grow

Today- I taught, listened to Ram Dass, taught, listened to Ram Dass, had a distance reiki healing session, spent time in nature while listening to Ram Dass. Released some wounded energy back into the Earth to be recycled, sang a song to one of my favorite children, was praised by a stranger in the park for my singing bringing him back to memories of his daughters as children, and connected with friends/family. Today was pretty magical for me. My quarantine pandemic experience is one of healing, resting, learning, pausing, listening, slowing down, digging deep into the self, remembering my connection to the Divine. Through my rooted connection with the Earth I am able to expand my heart space energy into the cosmos. All is as it should be. Yes there is deep suffering happening for some right now- I don't deny that. I am living proof of how one can transform that suffering into expanded awareness. Each of us has to go through the darkness to get to the light. This is how it works. It's scary and uncomfortable- but necessary. Sometimes everything falls apart because it is making room for something more beautiful than you ever even imagined. It takes you to a new level of faith.

"You lose your faith, it falls apart, and you despair. And that despair, that dark night is the prerequisite for the next level of being in relationship to the spaciousness of what is. So you take it, you take the negative experience and you keep flipping it around. " - Ram Dass. #itsaninsidejob #ramdass #digin #selfcare #selflove #heal #nature #faith #yoga #yogaisamindset #yogaisawayoflife #gothroughthedarkness #everythingfallsapart #letgo #embracethelight #spaciousness

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