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Freedom with Sacrifice

Every once in awhile in the summer I give myself an epic day trip to my happy place. Yesterday was that day.

Due to the way I live I have extreme freedom and am able to do things like- take a last minute drive to the Cape May Lighthouse.

This freedom, however, does come with sacrifice- I have no partner, no children, no pets. I have few family members that I regularly speak to and a large web of friends who are all scattered and living their lives...outside of my nannying and yoga students I literally just have me to worry about and care for.

This might sound fun but I assure you as a human being with lots of emotions and need for other human contact it has been a challenge, one that the pandemic made even more challenging.

To support myself I spend a lot of time alone talking to God/Spirit/Source of All Creation. This honestly is what has gotten me through these lonely human moments. Everywhere I look I see families and groups of people together, and then here I am, alone.

I have had to work through many feelings, judgments and opinions in regards to my circumstances. I am always brought back to - gratitude and appreciation for the road I'm on that was designed specifically for my Soul's evolution. I wouldn't have it any other way. Without this gifted time alone I wouldn't have been able to grow and deepen my understanding of who I am and why I am here.

My circumstances are mine, yours are yours. We all have different challenges that we face. I invite you to see the perfection and humor of your predicament just as it is, as it was designed just for you. How are your circumstances supporting your understanding of who you are and what this life you're living is about?

I am an Internationally Certified Yoga Therapist and my specialty is teaching Self-love. I'm currently teaching virtual group classes, taking virtual 1:1 students for Yoga Therapy and hold monthly virtual Soulhood gatherings for seekers to feel less lonely in community.

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