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Fluidity In Motion

I am diligently working on finding the most streamlined approach to getting my online classes to you. Every time I iron out the details something changes, go figure. Practicing fluidity moment by moment. Friday 3/20 will be my 1st live class at 9:30am via Zoom. $10 donation via Venmo. Please stay tuned for more details. Until then- check out beautiful nature doing it's thing this afternoon. Breathe. I am busy getting supports ready for you, this shit is nuts. I love you. Stay connected, move your body, get sunlight and fresh air when possible. 💜🕉🌟🦋🌟☮💜 #thisisyoga #nature #findbeauty #weareinthistogether #staycentered #thetimestheyareachangin #yogaisawayoflife #fluidityinmotion

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