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Earth Day Poem

Happy Earth Day 🌏 There is no light without dark There are no ups without downs It's all about balance Find the steadiness within Radiate that flow all around you Heal the Earth by healing yourself You are divine You are nature Nature is you Love yourself Love the Earth Loving kindness and compassion above all else- this is how we will find balance I may sound naive I may sound like a dreamer There is a part of me that will always be 5 years old My inner child invites your inner child to come out and play Believe in magic Be amazed by the stars Bask in the sun Breathe in the air Dig in the dirt Explore this beautiful world with curiosity and wonder Learn to slow down Learn to listen Give yourself the gift of presence Learn how to let go Breathe nourishingly Find strength through surrender Radiate love Have faith in a divine Source that flows through all of creation From your centered self accept everything as it is and keep moving towards balance Be the eye of the storm The calm in the chaos Remember- There is no light without dark There are no ups without downs Learn how to ride the waves with excitement You are supported You are loved more than you know 💜🌏💚🌍💙

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